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Common Issues that Might Turn Your Pool Green and How to Stop It

A swimming pool is a home addition that greatly improves the value and curb appeal of your home. In many modern homes, you will realize that a swimming pool is a common feature. Swimming is an effective way of increasing the strength of your heart and lungs, and you can only enjoy it if you have a pool on your property. In addition to the exercise, swimming is fun. After building a swimming pool, you need to ensure that it is in good condition. A pool that is not well taken care of is usually characterized by a green color. Why is it that your pool is green? Read on to learn why your pool might be green and how you can fix it.

A swimming is only a useful feature in your property if it is well-maintained. It, therefore, means that you should employ all the techniques and tips to ensure that your pool is clean and in good condition. One of the elements that can negatively affect the condition of a pool is calcium. If the color of your pool changes, it might be because of calcium buildup in pool. Also, you should know that calcium buildup in pool can damage your pool in other ways. For example, metal grills in your pool are not safe because of calcium buildup in pool. On this website, you can learn how to combat calcium buildup in pool.

Your pool turning green can be as a result of many things. Pollen is one of the things that might make your pool green. If there are trees and plants in your home, pollen might be the reason why your pool is green. It is common for people to mistake pollen for algae. A standard pool filter is recommended for removal of debris, but not pollens. A fine-mesh skimmer is the right tool maintenance tool to use if you want to get rid of the pollens.

Chlorine is vital in ensuring that your pool is hygienic, and there is zero algae growth. The growth of algae in your pool can change the color. Therefore, if your pool turns green, it might be because the water is deficient in chlorine. The presence of metals such as copper can make your pool green. Metals can reach your pool water from algaecides that you might be used to disinfect your water. If you want to prevent metals from changing the color of your pool, you need to routinely use metal removers.

A common pool maintenance tips that homeowners employ is the removal of debris using filters. Using a dirty filter in cleaning your pool might not guarantee the results that you expect since it will not remove algae. Now that you understand why your pool is green, you should consider the above-discussed solutions to restore the color and prevent calcium buildup in pool.