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Importance of Hydroponics

One of the most important benefits of hydroponics is that there is better space allocation. The normally soil grown plants normally takes up to four times the space needed for hydroponically grown plants. What this means is that more plants can be grown on a small piece of land which could not be possible with the traditional planting methods on the soil. The cost of growing plants hydroponically is cost-effective and the produce is normally high compared to the plants grown on the soil. Another thing about hydroponics plants is that the plants do not have to struggle for nutrients and water because they are readily delivered which ensures high yields.

Another importance of hydroponics is that the soil is not necessarily needed for growing the plants. The idea of growing plants hydroponically was once an imagination and now it has come to be true. The benefits of growing soilless plants are numerous. It should be remembered that different plants do well in different soil types. The soil modification process for a particular plant is time-consuming and costly. Plants can be grown hydroponically in any place of the world regardless of the soil type including the desert.

It is also important to consider planting your produces hydroponically because this process saves more water compared to soil grown plants. Researchers indicate that the amount of water required for growing hydroponic plants only need five to ten percent of water used on soil grown plants. Farmers in the regions that receive little rainfall can adopt this method. The process of water recirculation and reusing ensures that there is not water wastage at all. In case of water leakage, repair can be done or could be avoided using advanced technology.
Climate control is another benefit of hydroponically growing plants. Factors that determine the growth of a plant such as the temperature, air composition, light intensity and duration can be controlled.
The rate of plant growth through hydroponic system is much faster compared to the soil grown plants. The hydroponic system is good for the health of the plant and fast plant growth. The plants do not struggle for nutrients in hydroponic system and all the energy is directed towards producing fruits and the plant itself.

The hydroponic system is a method of farming of getting around the problem associated with soil grown plants such as pests, weeds and diseases. Removing weeds from the farm normally takes time and is costly. The growth of a plant on the soil can be hampered especially when the weeds which normally compete with the plants for minerals and water are available. Weeds have no space in hydroponic farming system and in turn there is no need to spend money on herbicides and soil-borne pests.

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