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Pointers for Choosing a House Painter

When thinking of freshening up your home’s look, you may just need a painting project!

When researching different prospects, consider the following before you decide to hire someone:

Industry Experience

How experienced is the painter? Knowing how competitive the business is, a painter must be doing a good job if they’ve been operating for no less than five years. Selecting a painting company that has finished projects like yours will also make sure they are knowledgeable enough for your specific needs. At the end of the day, house painting jobs can be very unique. Pick a local painter who is experienced with homes rather than offices or commercial buildings. The painter must be able to recommend materials and techniques that are most suitable for your project type.

Written Quote

Will they provide a written estimate? The contractor must make time to see your property personally before they can provide a reliable quote. Very importantly, they have to submit this quote in written form. If they only want to talk about it, be wary. You need something concrete, such as a written contract, that you can refer to if you’re not happy with the outcome of your project.


Most certainly, you should choose a painting company that conducts themselves with professionalism as this will often show on the quality of work they do. While hiring a professional painter is probably not your cheapest option, it is usually the best, especially in terms of efficiency. The painting crew should be on time to prep the project effectively. The moment the job is finished, they should do a full cleanup.

Customer Reviews

There is probably nothing that defines a painting professional more than his reputation. Fortunately, this information is so much easier to come by to web reviews, which give you a wide perspective of how a painter works based on reports from actual customers. But be sure to choose your choices because many online reviews are misleading or even fake. To avoid wasting your time, consider only reviews published in reputable consumer websites like Yelp and Angie’s List.

Comparing Painters

Finally, when hiring a house painter, remember that you do not have to limit yourself to one prospect at a time. Truth is, you should have at least three different prospects and compare them before before making a choice.

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