Net Neutrality’s Advantages and Disadvantages

For a long time, Net Neutrality will be a subject of discussion. While in the world, several nations still impose net neutrality across their frontiers, it is pretty much dead in the United States. This will have the greatest impact for US people. But the US is one of the largest players on the Internet, so the decision of the FCC to kill it will greatly affect Internet users.

Nonetheless, the problem always has two sides. Net neutrality, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages. Many people may not take serious consideration about the negative aspects. In the following part of our article, we will show how we look at both sides of this dilemma, while where you stand on net neutrality you should judge for yourself.


If you first eat the broccoli, that means only the right thing remains. Therefore, let us first look at the disadvantages of net neutrality. The bitter part of the process.

It will be more difficult for the network’s growth

Big services like Netflix or Microsoft-based cloud services like Azure use a large amount of bandwidth over ISP networks but they pay the same price as everybody else. In case ISPs tax these great players higher, they can have bigger investment in updating and modernizing networks to easily handle apps like video streaming. While this will in the short term raise market prices as the big players move it on, in the long term it will lead to better and easier exposure. This, at least, is the point of the ISPs.

Harmful contents will not be banned

Many people find content for violent forums and other disturbing materials unbearable on the Internet. However, net neutrality gives rights to these content to exist.

It makes net expensive

If you use the large broadband networks for what they are worth, the ISP could have so much extra money that the standard internet could be totally free (such as Wikipedia and Facebook). Sounds good right? Sounds good right? Sure, when the Indians refused Facebook Free Basics, they did not think so.


There are many arguments for repealing net neutrality, but how will it be beneficial if the US returns to net neutrality?

It will protect the right to speak freely
The Internet will be a great forum for free speech. Although it also implies, obviously, that some of the most depraved and disgusting events in human history have also been stated by the citizens.

With net neutrality gone, ISPs may find it easier to block people for their views while citing another excuse that is legal under the new Internet rules without doubt.

Yet free speech doesn’t mean that without getting cut off you can express what you want. It just means you will not be bothered by the law. ISPs are somehow private companies, so you might be cut off with or without net neutrality legally.

Give freedom to the net’s development

Recall AOL-like services? These were not really Internet facilities, but allowed you to enter an authorised, electronic utility walled garden. This might be about internet access in the future without net neutrality. Purchasing cable packs could be like purchasing internet access. You only have access to the things on which you want to pay.

There are some markets where entrants don’t have any expectation that they can ever make a dent to the market share of big names. In implementing creative open net innovations and competitive economies, businesses have a strategic opportunity to stay on their own.

Some final words

Essentially, it doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right. What kind of internet we want is a mystery. It is hard to say what type is the right one for this global technical marvel. Consider carefully the pros and cons of this decision and tell your next vote. We all now see whether the doomsayers are right or not, because net neutrality is now out from the USA. If the repeal creates a catastrophe then other nations that might have similar ideas are highly warned.

If you live without a neutral network in a region, why not try a VPN? You can not only secure your identity, you can also unblock websites and some restricted services. This should reduce the pain of the exit from net neutrality.