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How to Cure Prostatitis

Normally, most men have a prostate gland, that will be found under the bladder. Ordinarily, the size will be same as walnut but as they grow older, the size also improved. The prostate will manufacture the semen that form of a liquid that carries a sperm. If the prostate will become swollen or inflamed, that’s the start to become prostatitis. There are two categories that divide the prostatitis and it depends on its cause. Both are caused by an infection of the prostate, the two kinds of prostatitis are acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. There are some symptoms of prostatitis that will caused by the failure of the muscles of the pelvis or the bladder to work.

Most of the diagnosis of prostatitis will involves the elimination of other conditions that cause the symptoms and determining the kind of prostatitis you have. Consistently, your doctor will ask an enormous question regarding your medical history that will include the symptoms. Your physician will conduct a physical assessment which include the digital rectal examination and diagnostic test. Some of the following diagnostic tests are included.

Your doctor will require you to have your urine be sampled and analysed. As per doctor’s request, your urine will be sent to a laboratory for further testing if you have an infection.

Your physician will take samples on your blood to determine if you have the prostate symptoms.

Most doctor of today will require you a CT scan of your urinary tract to make sure and acquire the most potent way of prostate examination.

In cases also, the doctor will do the post-prostatic massage and test the secretions. After a series of tests and examinations, you doctor will conclude the type of prostatitis you have obtained. The most common type of prostatitis with an explanation will be found below.

Start with a quick symptoms of flu, acute bacterial prostatitis is usually caused by strains of bacteria that usually associated with fever, nausea and vomiting.

A chronic bacterial prostatitis will surely be developed in you if this prostatitis not be eliminated by some kind of antibiotics.

Not commonly known and is not caused by bacteria, some types of prostatitis is chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Most commonly used antibiotics for treatment of these prostatitis is low dosed depending on the extent of the underlying cause. An intravenous antibiotics will be administered by your doctor if severe prostatitis is being detected. In some circumstances, your doctor will recommend you to be admitted to the hospital.

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