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Basic Information about Retainers that You Should Know

Orthodontics fix retainers in patients whose teeth are shifting from their natural alignment to prevent them from moving Some of the things that make teeth to shift are losing teeth, gnashing teeth and outward extension of the lower jaw as people grow older, which is normal and more other reasons. Online sellers are convenient because after buying your retainers they will deliver the item to the place at the time you prefer. Read more here to find out about retainers.

Types of retainers are three, and they are essix, hawley and fixed retainers. The removable essix retainer has no wires, and it is made of thin transparent plastic. People close to you will find it hard to determine whether you are wearing your essix retainer or not and strangers will not notice it because it is very transparent. The permanent fixed retainer is appropriate for a person who does not want to take it off even after it is fixed. This retainer has a wire that is bonded to the tongue side of the upper or lower front teeth. You should practice good oral hygiene routine by brushing, and flossing your teeth regularly to prevent a buildup of plaque if you are wearing this retainer. The most popular and highest durable retainer is the Hawley retainer. Hawley retainer is removable, and it is made of acrylic material with a wire that goes around the teeth.

Buy a retainer that matches your habits. If you are the forgetful type of person you should go for a permanent retainer or one that is not transparent. The wires in the removable retainers that go around the teeth are what makes them visible. Choose between a visible or transparent retainer depending on how their appearance will appeal to you. Removable retainers require low maintenance than permanent ones because they can be cleaned while out of the mouth. Compare the cost and durability of the retainer. Choose retainers whose size fits your mouth perfectly. There are retainers for kids that can be stretched as the child continues to grow, but they cannot be stretched beyond specific size.

You should pay more attention to your retainers and take care of them with special treatment. Removable retainer should be stopped to keep them moist and clean when you’re not using them. Disinfect the retainer with baking soda instead of soaking them using water alone to stop them. Remove plaque on the retainers by brushing them gently after every few days using soft bristles. Protect the retainers from breaking and accumulation of germs on them by placing them back into their cases whenever you’re not using them. Your orthodontic should check your retainers frequently ensure that they are alright, especially if they are permanent ones.

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