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Best VR Headsets of 2019

Virtual reality is taking over user’s viewing experience with cutting edge technology. Virtual spaces are being created with only a headset and motion tracking. VR headsets are categorized into three including mobile, standalone and tethered.

We have arranged a comprehensive list of some of the top VR headsets you can purchase today

Introducing Google Cardboard

This is the perfect solution for a beginner in virtual reality experience. The affordability of the Cardboard makes it a worthy pick. The headset is compatible with both Android and Ios devices. From the device, you can gain access to a wide source of content.

It also has a simple use procedure after downloading the Cardboard app.The Cardboard app is a simple way of learning how to use the device. The step is followed by placing your phone as part of the Cardboard viewer then followed by pairing off the magnification lenses. There are available demo experiences you can view to get a hang of it.

Latest Vive and Vive Cosmos

As part of the Vive package, it includes two motion controllers, two base stations and a headset. This all aimed at revamping your entire VR experience. The Vive has additional tracking moition power which extends to 10 foot cube of your viewing area. This is different from other versions which solely focus on tracing your movements from your seat.

As part of the package, it also includes a set of motion controllers which hare advanced with high processing speed units. You are set to gain a higher resolution when working the Vive Cosmos. Your position is tracked through the outward facing cameras. This reduced the reliance on the base stations due to the advanced and redesigned motion controllers.

VR Experience with the Oculus Rift S

The type fits one of the emerging names in the VR field packed with higher resolution. It also includes advanced and light motion controllers. During operations, there is no need for the external sensors. In case your PC has only one HDMI output, you will have to deal with cables since it requires a display port. There are a host of VR games which you can gain access through via streaming.

Playstation VR.

The price associated with the Plastation VR makes it a go to device especially with the advanced developments. Unlike other gamign PCs, you can also access the same services through your Playstation 4. All that is required for an unequaled gaming experience is a headset, Playstation camera and a Playstation 4.

VR developers are still working on including more games to peak user experiences with interesting games. The Dual Shock 4 works well together with the Playstation VR This eliminates the reliance on motion controllers.

This is a major disadvantage since the Playstation VR relies on motion controllers for a unique gaming experience.
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